Multicore Cables

We are among the reputed Manufacturers of Multicore Cables. The PTFE Multicore Cables of our company is regarded one among the best. The raw material that is used in these cables is of excellent quality. The PTFE Insulated Multicore Cables are insulated using the latest sophisticated technology so as to ensure total safety. Several industries prefer our cables for the reason that they are much more durable in comparison to other cables. We have thus become the unrivaled Multicore Electrical Cables Exporter and Manufacturer in India.

We are offering PTFE Insulated Multicore and Multipair cables as per customer requirement and specification.

We are manufacturing multicore cables with following constructions.

  • PTFE/ Metal or Fiber Glass Braiding/ PTFE or PVC
  • PTFE/ PTFE or PVC/ Metal or Fiber Glass Braiding Etc.

Due to dielectric strength of PTFE insulation our multicore cables are of lower Overall Diameter comparative to PVC Insulated cables that’s why cables made with PTFE Insulation are more flexible.